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About us

Association of Court Experts Ltd Belgrade was founded in 1994. with the aim to bring together legal experts of various professions from different areas of expertise in the judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

Members of the Association are permanent court experts registered in the Register of expert witnesses at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

The association has about 180 members, and membership in Association is voluntary and not mandatory.



Professional services:

The association has a highly qualified staff with rich experience and knowledge in mentioned areas.

As such the Association provides quality and efficient assistance to courts and government agencies interested in solving the complex legal actions which require a multidisciplinary expert team of experts from different professions and specialties.

Association of expert witnesses has licenses for the valuation of capital and assets of the company and cooperate with the Agency for privatization in the process of restructuring and preparing companies for privatization.

A large number of members as associates and consultants of commercial banks, institutes, consulting agencies and other relevant entities and evaluates the market value of immovable and movable assets of the company for the commercial banks - Providing mortgage loans and more.


Association of Court Experts Ltd

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